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Integrated Media Solutions

Nam Thanh ADV is specialized in providing integrated media solutions for various types of brands, from plan to sales, from traditional to digital medium, from innovative thinking to remarkable consumer experience. With more than 15 years profound experience working in such a challenging advertising market, Nam Thanh ADV is always aware of our responsibilities in optimizing media investment for our clients.


Integrated Media Solutions

From Plan

  • Strategic Approach
  • Holistic Plan
  • Planning & Buying Media
Integrated Media Solutions Integrated Media Solutions

To Sales

  • Exclusive Advertising Inventory At National-Wide Super-Mall Systems
  • Supermarkets (Lotte, SC Vivo City…)
  • Convenience Stores (Circle K, Guardian…)
  • PG Management
  • On-ground Activation

From Traditional Medium

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Out Of Home Advertising (OOH)
  • Others

To Digital Platforms

  • Digital Marketing
  • Innovative Technology
  • S-OOH

From Innovative Thinking



To Remarkable Consumer Experience



  • Integrated Media Solutions
  • Integrated Media Solutions
  • Integrated Media Solutions
  • Integrated Media Solutions
Integrated Media Solutions

Asian Food Channel

Asian Food Channel (AFC) is a leading TV channel about cuisine and life style. Known as the first food channel of Asia, AFC provides useful programs with various formats combined flexibly between East and West culture.

Launched since 2005, AFC has appeared in 10 territories in the region and maintained large amount of viewers. Thanks to that, it has given to viewers a close look at the top chefs in the world as well as the unique cuisine worldwide.

Integrated Media Solutions

Diva Channel

Diva Channel is a top leading entertaining TV channel for women with wide range of reality shows, attractive movies which are full of young and energetic shades.

Some of highlighting columns streamed on Diva channel such as Stitched, Suit 9, My kitchen rules or Travel Diaries are unique programs attracting large numbers of viewers across the country.

Integrated Media Solutions

Da Vinci

Da Vinci Media is an independent communication company in Berlin, Germany. It is also known as a unique and creative educational TV channel which specializes in producing useful educational programs for large amount of viewers across 90 regions.

Founded since 2007, Da Vinci Media owns a channel network distributed widely throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, which reaches more than 30 million households worldwide with amazing and attractive content.

Integrated Media Solutions

Outdoor Channel

Outdoor Channel which was launched in America in 1994 is a TV channel specializing in outdoor entertaining programs. The content on this channel mostly focuses on traditional and modern outdoor sports such as fishing, racing, water sports and lots of useful survival skill introduction programs as well.

Outdoor Channel attracts large amount of men who passionate on adventure, dramatic and attractive entertaining programs. Since the day it appeared in Vietnam, Outdoor Channel has become the favorite information channel for many viewers.

Integrated Media Solutions

Strategic partnership with


Being run on VOV FM 89 MHz, Xone FM is a famous music radio channel well known by 11 million listeners across the country. Having worked in the field of radio for 13 years, Xone FM owns a team of attractive broadcasters. Besides that, Xone application also allows them to directly broadcast whole of the traditional radio programs while Youtube channel shares large amount of new exclusive digital ones. With the streaming rate of 50% of international, 40% of Vietnamese music and 10% of advertising news, Xone FM is a smart choice to reach a large number of Vietnamese consumers.

Integrated Media Solutions


Founded since 1951, Circle K is a chain of convenience stores operating worldwide with more than 16.000 stores. Among them, there are 13.000 stores operating in America, East Europe, Canada, Norway and Denmark. 2.000 stores franchising by Circle K are operating in other countries. In Vietnam, Circle K is more and more become a destination for large number of users with more than 300 stores.